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I've two new, one alteration, in mind for myself for the near future. Of course these aren't all the designs I have in my head, but I think it will do for now. ;) Sketches aren't available yet; I'll be working on those shortly. This is, for now, simply the basic outline of the garments.

Matrix-esque ensemble

-Black trenchcoat, meant to be fitted but vee-necked, and to zip (possibly buckle) between bust and high-hip line. External material will be cotton twill (unless wool is affordable), inner material will be raw silk.
-Black pants, likely tightly fitted. Material undetermined; something of a light, soft, and flexible but strong and decently warm material. Possibly silk, but probably something man-made, if sufficiently breathable...or tightly woven linen, linen/cotton, or cotton, if the right kind is found.
-Black boots. Preferably leather, preferably knee high, preferably lace or buckle or custom made since my legs are annoyingly skinny. Preferably with short (two inch at most) heels, stiletto if I can find them.
-Sunglasses. All Matrix cosplay must have sunglasses.
-Black leather gloves. Preferably soft flexible leather; these are not for winter warmth, although I will not buy leather gloves with no actual purpose. I imagine these would function as riding, driving, or fall gloves in other times of the year.
-Black tightly fitted tank top. Preferably a muscle racerback tank, but a spaghetti strap one will do if that's not found.
-Black knives. Probably a couple 3.5" pocket knives, since longer ones are illegal.
-Cosplay guns and some holsters to go on the hips. I'd actually prefer real ones, but in places like cons real weapons aren't generally permitted. Besides, I don't have a concealed carry, unfortunately.

The look would also go with my hair (temporarily) spray-dyed dark red, and either tied up into a braided bun, or tied into a long braided ponytail. Since my hair has much flyaways (it's thin and thanks to over-dying breaks easily), likely it'll also be slicked back with some kind of gel or mousse. The makeup would be simple but striking. Likely some lipstick and neutrally colored but shadowed/ striking eyeshadow and liner. I was inspired to make this ensemble thanks to it's relatively low materials cost compared to my normal designs, for an anime convention that is out here every fall. I am NOT intending to cosplay Trinity; I am taking the general Matrix designs and running with them. Besides, I love wearing black and dark colors, and I don't have enough garments in those colors.

Tolkien-inspired Elvan court-gown

-Knee high leather boots, preferably custom made, in fantasy land where I can have whatever boots I want of pale cream leather, in the leaf-wrap pattern seen in the movies, with silver floral and vine embroidery around the edges, and white or grey leather cords to tie the boots on at the edges. Flat soled. In actuality, likely I'll end up getting a pair that are still custom made and expensive, but instead of a design that's close enough to keep the feel of the piece, in cream and pale blue leathers with silver-toned metals for the clasps. I know a few places in the Colorado Renaissance Festival out here that make boots like that.

-If not the boots, short silver and/or ice-blue satin slipper shoes with leather soles. Ballet slippers are close to the design, though the details are a bit off.

-Jewelry, silver with pale stones (again, clear/white and pale blue ones) set in it, in elongated knotwork. A necklace and possibly earrings, and a circlet that is shown primarily on the back of my hair, is all.

-Ear cuffs. I found an artist on both Deviant Art and Etsy who makes wire-wrapped ear points shaped like elf-ears. I'm aiming for a pair of those for this ensemble, because they're much prettier and much better shaped than the silicone prosthetic ears commonly found. And they're longer lasting, even if they're more expensive (approximately $60 a pair).

-Gown. Of my own design, and fortunately simple enough that all I need are measurements of the body in question to make it; no pattern is needed.

Construction of the gown:

-Fabric of thin, soft, stretchy, half-transparent and gently nubbed ice-blue silk for the exterior and bulk of the dress. If a type can be found which is woven so that it seems to change color depending on how the light hits it, it would change color from ice blue to midnight blue.

-A width three times the length of the torso from underbust to high-hip is gathered and laced around the torso.
-The skirt is several vertical panels, gathered and attached to the lower edge of the gown. It is long enough to brush the ground and indeed puddle on it by an inch. The gown would need to be lifted for walking-fitting of a court-dress. The "bodice" is a vertically gathered bit of fabric just wide enough to cover the bust completely, allowing for minimal cleavage if any at all, and the back of the neckline echoes the front's shape. There is 1-1.5" wide ribbon anchoring all seamed gathered edges, and in the case of the neckline and laced edges, it is sandwiched between the trim (mentioned later).

-The sleeves are tight to the arm, and similarly long like the torso of the gown. They are made with simple rectangles, and there are horizontally stretched and gathered pieces of fabric forming the caps of the sleeves.They go a bit past the wrist, the edges of the sleeves coming about to the end knuckle of the thumb, where the wrist widens at the base of the hand. There are petals attached to the sleeves just above the elbow shaped like elongated ovals, to imitate flower petals, which drape to the mid-thigh when arms are held out level, to the knee when arms are down. They are colored white, with silver thread shot through, and they are finely roll-hemmed in silver thread.

-The bodice, skirt, and upper half of the sleeves are lined with a thin, soft, but much much less stretchy and opaque flesh toned fabric. It is similarly gathered as the outer fabric, but half to 3/4 the amount is used for the gathering. The neckline is trimmed with silver floral trim, and there is the same trim decoratively sewn over the seam where the skirt attaches to the torso to hide the seam.  There is NO trim over the seam under the bust.

-The gown laces in the back with 2" sheer white or silver ribbon, or 3-4" wide swathes of strong but sheer or semi-sheer fabric. There is wide silver trim, likely fabric, around the back edges of the dress where it laces; the silver grommets are set through it.

-There is embroidery over the fabric on the bust, echoing in the mirroring area on the back of the dress. It is in silver thread. There is also embroidery on the upper portions of the sleeves, and while the bulk of the embroidery ends even to the underbust, it continues for another few inches where it fades off into a point. It is detailed, and of, for the most part, simple interlocking knotwork, spirals, or vines. Likely it would be done by machine, and it would be meant to be stretched with the fabric.

The ensemble would be worn with the hair half braided back, preferably intricately. The knot the hair would be braided into would be set to a level so that the back of the circlet could be pinned into the bottom of it. Makeup would be minimal, if present at all. Likely only foundation and a faint lip tint. No weapons would be worn.

This ensemble was also inspired by my drive to go to the local anime convention, and also because I've been wanting an elvan inspired dress for years, but I nixed this design for anytime soon thanks to the cost of the materials. I really don't like man-made fabrics, and I use natural fibers whenever I can manage it, so it'll take quite some time before I can afford this. The external fabric will likely be silk, and the lining will likely end up being bamboo fabric. I moved onto the Matrix-inspired ensemble after this, although this year-if I manage to go at all-it will likely end up being that I go dressed in some bellydancing garments, the alterations of which you will see below-and the materials for which I already own.

Chain Dancing set

Already finished:

-Basic stage of black dancing bra, with straps and edge decoration of aluminum chain. The edge decoration has sterling tassels attached.
-Basic split-side black harem pants.
-Pre-made and purchased dark blue dancing scarf with silver-toned coins
-Black leather lace up roman-esque sandals (which have proven quite handy for dancing).

What adjustments are desired:

-Replace the blue dancing scarf with a black belt made myself. It will have four rows of the same trim that is on the edge of the bra (six, if I can eventually get another set of chain tassels and aluminum chain to add to the bottom and top rows).
-Add a partial skirt, either of drapes or of some simple panels, to the belt. This belt will be worn over the harem pants. The panels should have some embroidery on it, likely focused at the tops and bottoms of the panels. There should also be drapes and hanging lengths of aluminum chain (both silver-tone and black coated) attached to the bottom of the belt.
-Sew a cropped keyhole vest to go over the dancing bra. The keyhole is so that the bra will be visible underneath it. It should have chain trim along the edges and sewn in some simple wide designs over the bulk of the back and the portion in front under the bust, and perhaps some silver embroidery in between.
-Add some silver embroidery to the dancing bra.
-Add three silver buttons and button loops to the edges of the harem pants, so they can be closed in colder areas.
-A long veil of chiffon that can be attached to the hair should be roll-hemmed in silver thread, or should have some black and/or silver fringe added to the edge. There should be a hook for it to attach to silver rings, one on each hand, and it should be long enough that it drapes decently deeply. It should likely also be semi-circular in shape, thanks to the way in which it is being worn, although I'd prefer rectangular. A decently large black or dark blue or dark red silk flower should be worn in the hair over the veil. I do not intend to completely cover my hair, I intend for the veil to be pinned to the hair at about the crown of my head. There should be a similarly decorated chiffon veil worn over the face.

The makeup should be shadowed eyes with somewhat dramatic eyeliner, perhaps some dark red lipstick (if I can find some that won't end up stuck to my damn teeth), and likely foundation (although I hate the shit). My hair should be braided up into a knot set not at the base of my neck but at the back of my head. Pointy ears couldn't hurt-everyone loves an elf, especially at conventions. I would very much prefer to have some stage makeup to blend them in with, however. The skin tones don't match.

Also, not all of these adjustments can be made in time for the convention. If I manage to get the belt with the undecorated panels on it, and the flower for my hair (quite possibly with ribbons or yarn attached, thus turning it into a hairfall) done, I will consider it quite the success for this year. I have one other sewing project and several other projects of other mediums planned, and it's been a difficult year, so I will be busy and with minimal energy.

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