Mar. 15th, 2011

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One thing entering in my spiritual practice right now is work with the Temple Of The Twelve. It is a book series, currently with two books out, by Esmerelda Little Flame. Check the links for more info about the books themselves.

This image ) is meant to represent Lord Silver as He pertains to me. It is still in it's beginning stages; this is simply the line art.

It is done on 11x14" 90lb cream colored drawing paper, in pencil, and when finished will be a pencil rendering. The deviances in the lines across the midsection are due to the scanner I have available being too small to fit the whole piece on it; I had to do it in halves and then GIMP the two halves together.
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I've two new, one alteration, in mind for myself for the near future. Of course these aren't all the designs I have in my head, but I think it will do for now. ;) Sketches aren't available yet; I'll be working on those shortly. This is, for now, simply the basic outline of the garments.

Matrix-esque ensemble

Details. )

Tolkien-inspired Elvan court-gown

Details. )

Chain Dancing set

Details. )

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